Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sniffing Strangers Prank!

Sniffing Strangers Prank!  

Sniffing Strangers Prank!  

Sniffing Strangers Prank!  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

libra zodiac sign: Why They Should Be Your Friend

libra zodiac sign

The libra is one of those signs that can think on their toes. To clarify that, I want to say that if a Libra had to comeback with something, they would have it. See, the thing is, I have a Libra friend and we have been friends for over 10 years. We became friends in the 6th grade and been close knit every since. What I can say about her is that she is very talkative and she isn't socially shy. She is a social person and can make conversation with anybody naturally.

I noticed that she will always speak to people who walk by. I am a Cancer and I asked her how I look when I am in public. She told me I look like I don't want anyone to speak to me. So she is a great help because she keeps me grounded and helps me be better at being approachable. I now know what I have to work on. My anxiety is caused by the types of foods I choose so that is where I have to begin.

Anyway, more about the Libras.

The Libra will not let you have the last word. They will put you in your place. You will not be able to come at a Libra and think you're going to walk away. They can argue you down for days and won't miss a bit. They can act right then and there unlike other signs.

Jobs that require arguments and debates will be good for Libras because of that purpose.

The libra zodiac sign Is a natural socialite who will always be able to make conversation with almost anybody. They are conservative most of the time.

The immature Libra would put on a front though, but the mature Libra is fine and civilized.

Libras make you look at things from a logical standpoint. They will make you use sensible decision making skills.

This is a slight post about the libra zodiac sign and I hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, September 26, 2014

zodiac signs cancer: The Ways Of A Cancer

zodiac signs cancer

Cancers are amazing people, that's something we all can agree on. Cancers can also vary from person to person. You see, it all depends mainly on your moon sign. If you're  a Cancer like me who's moon sign is in like a Pisces, then you're probably emotional and closed off more than you need to be. I am a Cancer with moon sign in Pisces so yeah I'm fucked a little bit. Well, not really because I love me!

Most Cancers are usually very alert and have a wall up, but not all Cancers even act alike so the factors go a long way. I know plenty of Cancers who don't seem typical. Typical meaning, they're not like what a Cancer is suppose to be. Let's talk about the typical Cancer shall we...

The typical Cancer will be a little shy and seem reserved in a crowded place and will probably try to use their phone to avoid an awkward situation when really, they aren't doing anything.

There is certain times where a Cancer will feel hyper than usual. Maybe a Cancer who has themselves together may be a little more opened and social, but a Cancer with insecurities will make their problems obvious. Cancers can be too conscious sometimes and it really can give off a bad vibe for others.

As a Cancer, you want to seem approachable. Most Cancers are approachable, but there are always going to be typical Cancers. They will learn how to be more better with their personalities though.

zodiac signs cancer

As a Cancer myself, something I don't like about myself is how shy I always get sometimes. Like, I am 22 years old, I have no business being shy about anything. I get a little timid sometimes but I think I am much better than I use to be. (pats self on back)

Something else great about us Cancers is that we're so loyal, but some people just don't be ready for us so we have to let some people go. I have a Libra friend and she throws me off sometimes. I think she be rejecting my call. I hope not since we go waaaaay back when. I really don't want to think she be up to that sometimes but she never return my call. She just call when she is ready. Her birthday coming up and I wanted to see if she wanted to get treated out to eat even though that is the least thing I need to even do.

Cancers aren't really home bodies like a lot of posts say. Of course we like privacy and time to ourselves but we love to have fun and be out and about. Some Cancers will change their life outlook and will start acting accordingly. You all have to realize that even though we are Cancers, we been through different things that can affect out character whether it's good or bad.

Something a Cancer can do to always be in a lovely mood is buy beautiful clothes and dress nice, besides, people treat you according to how you dress anyway so dress nice and have fun.

zodiac signs cancer

Monday, September 15, 2014

zodiac sign for taurus: Who Taurus Is Better Off With

The best zodiac sign for Taurus is someone who loves to give and receive affection. Someone that can accept the Taurus for who they are. A Cancer is perfect for this because they touch with love and a Taurus loves that. Touching a Taurus the right way will get them aroused and you can be in for a treat.

There are lots of "facts" and articles saying certain signs are good for Taurus. Every sign can be together if they really want to.

The thing about a Taurus is that they want someone feminine who still puts their foot down. They don't really want you to be their doormat and if you do, they will take advantage and not in a good way.

I am a Cancer and ended up as my ex Taurus doormat.

You have to make a Taurus want you by being someone who is uplifting, teaching Taurus things every minute you can.

I am not saying talk their head off, but be a blessing to be around.

This is where a Gemini, Libra, Virgo, or even Aquarius can capture the Taurus since they are unique and intellectual.

zodiac sign for Taurus

Many articles have mentioned that the Taurus likes to stay at home, but this is not 100% true. Taurus signs love to be out and about.

They love food, that fact is true. I know a Taurus I met in Jobcorp and she was in Culinary Arts, now she is working in the food service industry.

All of the Taurus I know love to eat.

That is the main fact that is true and proven. I am walking proof.

The only thing about a Taurus in a relationship is that they will be possessive, but I liked it because I like to know I am the only one he wanted.

Some Taurus's like different things.

zodiac sign for taurus

zodiac signs taurus: What To Expect

The zodiac signs Taurus situation is a tricky one. In the beginning, it will be peachy and cream and you won't verbally know how a Taurus feels, but they show it through actions. Though a Taurus is calm and cool, they want someone who lift their mood up.

How do I know this? Well because I just went through a conclusive situation with a Taurus and he told me I seem like I be depressed a lot which is untrue, I am just self conscious.

He helped me though.

In the beginning with him and I, it was cool, maybe because we weren't having sex at the time. I guess I was more opened and aggressive than I was when we started having sex.

I was his "yes" girl and I think he got bored with me. He said it seemed like I had no personality. I do, but it was always problems between us so when I got around him, I would just be introvert.

zodiac signs Taurus

Honestly I guess this is a good thing so that I can move on and meet someone who appreciates me for me.

Taurus men can like you and once they know you like them, they will sit back and wait for you to make a move. They let their pride talk for them which can be very annoying.

When a Taurus may be going through issues, they get very materialistic. I saw this for myself and it gets on my nerves.

You will think a Taurus feels one way when they can feel another way which can tick you off if your patience and tolerance is low.

The thing I liked about my Taurus was:
  • His voice: He talk to sexy and it got me everytime.
  • His skin: Always shiny and glowing making me want to like it.
  • The way he walked and moved around.
  • The way he touched me.
Too bad he won't get the love and grace I gave him before since it wasn't enough. Hmph.

Please state your experience about a Taurus in the comments section.

zodiac signs taurus

Thursday, March 6, 2014

zodiac sign love compatibility | Unique Info For All

zodiac sign love compatibility rundown

This zodiac sign love compatibility post will give you all the info and advice you need to deal with each of the zodiac signs. Not everybody believe the information that's given through astrology but there is a lot of people who are interested in this information. Like you, you're interested to finding more information and you will get it here. Let's get to it.

Aries signs are agressive with a lot of impulse. They do many things through impulse. An Aries is attracted to someone independent and attractive far as features and how they act. A soft person will not keep the Aries interested. Someone like the Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo or Taurus will attract the Aries and keep them interested because they are independent and do their own thing. They are not clingy types and they won't weigh down their partner. Aries likes someone who can keep their independence while in a relationship and the signs mentioned above fit the description well. Ideally a Leo or Sagittarius but all those signs fit the description of a match for the Aries.

Taurus are affection people with down to earth personalities. Some taurus people are solid on the outside and are closed off to protect and judge while other Taurus people are outgoing and highly superficial. Overall a Taurus is loyal and can be possessive of the people or things they love. A good match for Taurus is someone that is loyal and make them feel good with nice affection. A Cancer is good for a Taurus because they provide a feminine, soft and seductive environment that the Taurus will love and appreciate. Cancers just get too clingy and sensitive. The Taurus don't express themselves like the Cancer does so as long as the Cancer don't expect that then they're good. Another good match for Taurus is a Virgo because they are a reciprocal of the Taurus as far as actions, how they go about love and desires. Pisces make a good match because they are devoted and loveable with a little bit of fiestiness that a Taurus love. Taurus will be attracted to anyone but it takes experiments to let them know which is the one to choose.

Geminis are social people who love to socialize. They like to go to movies, get new phones and talk about it and parties. Anywhere they can meet new people and mingle is a good place for them. Since a Libra is the same, of course they are the ideal match for Geminis. They both can still have their freedom while in a relationship.

Cancers are sensitive people who get emotional often and needs someone to understand this and handle it. They are loyal and can be the center of attention depending on how they feel. Cancers feel the best when they look good and know it. Like a new outfit.. it will have Cancers feeling on top of the world. A cancer needs someone who's good with affection and assurance. They don't want their loyalty and faithfulness taken advantage of. A Pisces is pretty much a reflection of the Cancer. Both are sensitive, clingy and passionate! Taurus and Virgo are other good matches but don't possess the TOP QUALITIES a Cancer NEEDS while in a relationship.

Leos are social whores who love to be the center of attention even if it isn't their birthday. They just got this "all about me" aura and they can be wishy washy lots of the times. It's like they want worship. They are passionate and have a different kind of loyalty. The good thing about Leos is that they have good humor but can be difficult to cope with. The best signs for a leo is sag, aries or gemini. Maybe libra as well.

Virgos are ambitious people who always need alone time to analyze their life and would need that space as a must. Their partner would need to respect, understand and accept this. A Taurus is a good partner as well as a Capricorn. Cancers who don't have the clingy trait would adapt as well.

Libras are social freaks who love the scenery and to interact with people. They are easy to talk to and would also talk to others. It's 100% their thing. Their partner needs to be social, logical and loving. A Gemini is perfect for the Libra. They're like the same person. Libras love harmony and what Geminis offer can create it. Libras love freedom and a nice job that includes sociality is perfect for them. A Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Aquarius is also a great match.

Scorpios are solid, emotional, loving and supportive lovers. They want a partner that honors love and loyalty. Scorpios are jealous types and can have stalker qualities. Not too weird unless it turns into an obsession. Pisces is perfect for Scorpio because they love to cling and be around their lover and Scorpio will appreciate and cherish this. These two have a relationship that others envy. Cancers are also good for Scorpios as well because of their sensitivity, devotion and loyalty.

Sagittarius are happy go lucky types. They aren't really a huge fan of relationships unless they truly like you. They like to keep it moving and stay on the go. If you can keep up with them then it's a win. Ideal match is Aries. Both are still independent and doing their own thing while in a committment.

Capricorns are ambitious, judging and pratical people. They want their partner to be close to perfect. They want someone who they can literally build with. They don't want their partner to be lazy or sensitive. Capricorns can be blunt so they need someone who won't be offended by that. Cancers aren't the ideal match but can be a match depending on that Cancer's traits. Virgos and Taurus people are perfect for the Capricorn.

Aquarius people are mental and intellectual people. You truly have to be able to stimulate their mind or they will get bored with you. If you can't engage their mind and get their attention then you aren't time enough for them. They like debates, just like Aries. They also love to socialize like Gemini's and Libras.

Pisces are sensitive people with a lot of passion. They are lovers of love and will support and care for you from the bottom to the top. These people know how to love and just want someone who can do the same and appreciate them. A perfect partner is a Cancer. Both are clingy and can be clingy together.

I'm not saying go off of the zodiac but maybe this can answer some questions and help you understand your partner more.

zodiac sign love compatibility

Saturday, March 1, 2014

libra and cancer love

Libra and Cancer Love Match

Funny thing about the libra and cancer love is that they both want an assured relationship with love but their needs are a bit different. Both loves beauty and luxury and when they both have the same goal, they can definitely work together at it. The process with these two is a bit slow but they can still enjoy each other as it progress. Both seeks harmony in any relationship which is something common they both share.

Problems arise as the Cancer become attached and becomes clingy, that is something the Libra doesn't want because they still want their freedom even when they're in a relationship. If Cancer can let Libra do their thing when they want, there shouldn' be a problem. Cancer should only focus on being a great partner instead of being jealous and worried. Libras are light-hearted so Cancers needs to be a little loosened up.

The good thing about the Libra is that they can help Cancer see things from more logical standpoints since Cancers pretty much look at things from an emotional point of view rather than logical. The mature Cancer should be good in this department though. The Cancer can show Libra how to connect emotionally but I personally think emotions can be in the way sometimes. Good luck on your experience guys!

Libra and Cancer love