Monday, February 24, 2014

Zodiac Cancer Sign Relationship Overview

zodiac cancer sign, relationships
The zodiac cancer sign loves a relationship. They are full of passion and devotion. When you're with a Cancer, they are devoted to you and only you. You have their support but if you do some things that aren't sensible, they will let you know they don't support that and will still help you.

If you aren't a faithful person to the Cancer then don't expect a long-term relationship with them. They won't stay in a meaningless relationship with someone who just wants to cheat and do things single people do. It will be better for them to just be single and find someone who is as faithful as them.

Loyalty runs deep within the Cancer in friendships and relationships. They want to see your loyalty. They don't like to be forgotten or to feel forgotten. Leaving them out of festivities is a good way to make them feel betrayed. Disloyal people won't stay in a Cancer's life, they will make sure to exclude you. Loyalty is a huge thing when it comes to love. Cancers pretty much want you to exploit them and let people see you are with them for it to feel real.

The best sign for a Cancer to be with is a Pisces because they love relationships that lead to love and marriage and they also reciprocate.

zodiac cancer sign

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