Saturday, March 1, 2014

Capricorn Cancer: Love/Relationship

Capricorn Cancer Coming Together

The Capricorn and Cancer can create a nice, loving home full of security and stability. The Capricorn is logical and wants to provide but that doesn't mean that they want a lazy partner. They want their partner to have ambition as well. Cancer people are ambitious as well and they want security. They know they will reach it by doing their part as a working man/woman. The Capricorn and Cancer pair is capable of building an empire together. There is an attraction here and the Capricorn is getting a feel of the Cancer to see if it's someone they can actually build with which will be an ongoing process since Cancers want the same thing Capricorns want.

Cancer provides emotional security which assures a Capricorn but the Capricorn don't want a crybaby so the Cancer needs not to nag or cling too hard or it will annoy the Capricorn. Cancers need to know that a Capricorn is always on an adventure for better living so the Cancer needs to be prepared for times apart while the Capricorn gets more pieces to the puzzle. When Capricorn finally comes in from their long day full of profound decisions and such, Cancer will be there to relax the Capricorn with their magic touch and soothing aura. Capricorn will love this and it can be a trait that keeps this relationship going.

When Cancer get into their little ways, Capricorn is the one that will ground them and keep them focused on the more important matters at hand and soon enough Cancer will get use to this and will quit the whining and worrying. Capricorn teach Cancer how to be strong-willed and focused. If the commitment is real then this pair is definitely one to succeed.

Communication is a key to keep the disputes at bay. Cancer shouldn't bite their tongue when problems arise because Capricorns like to work things out verbally without having to wonder. This simple thing can keep things harmonious as possible. Both love to be in the presence of beautiful settings and so they can easily create a home they  both with be comfortable residing in.

Capricorn cancer
match is one succeed when everything is real and fraudulent.

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