Friday, February 28, 2014

Cancer and Gemini friendship

Cancer and Gemini friendship

The Cancer and Gemini friendship can be rocky or harmonious depending on the maturity of the two and if they are grounded. Most of these pairs work out. The Gemini is cool social so they are cool and collected which in most cases rubs off on the Cancer. Upon meeting they click and it just escalates from there. Gemini's are playful and lighthearted with a lot to talk about which eases the Cancer and allow them to open up gradually but Cancers aren't always extremely guarded. If they feel like they click with you, you'd be surprised at how much they open up.

Cancers are clingy with their friendships so they need to give Gemini's space at times or Gemini will feel too smothered. Cancers are all about being with their friends as much as possible while Gemini like to still do their own things at times. As long as there is an understanding then there would be little to no disagreements.

Gemini can make Cancer see things from logical and sensible standpoints rather than an emotional point of view. Cancer can make Gemini appreciate moments more instead of taking them so lightly. These two have qualities that can complement each other.

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Cancer and Gemini friendship

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