Saturday, March 1, 2014

libra and cancer love

Libra and Cancer Love Match

Funny thing about the libra and cancer love is that they both want an assured relationship with love but their needs are a bit different. Both loves beauty and luxury and when they both have the same goal, they can definitely work together at it. The process with these two is a bit slow but they can still enjoy each other as it progress. Both seeks harmony in any relationship which is something common they both share.

Problems arise as the Cancer become attached and becomes clingy, that is something the Libra doesn't want because they still want their freedom even when they're in a relationship. If Cancer can let Libra do their thing when they want, there shouldn' be a problem. Cancer should only focus on being a great partner instead of being jealous and worried. Libras are light-hearted so Cancers needs to be a little loosened up.

The good thing about the Libra is that they can help Cancer see things from more logical standpoints since Cancers pretty much look at things from an emotional point of view rather than logical. The mature Cancer should be good in this department though. The Cancer can show Libra how to connect emotionally but I personally think emotions can be in the way sometimes. Good luck on your experience guys!

Libra and Cancer love

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