Monday, September 15, 2014

zodiac signs taurus: What To Expect

The zodiac signs Taurus situation is a tricky one. In the beginning, it will be peachy and cream and you won't verbally know how a Taurus feels, but they show it through actions. Though a Taurus is calm and cool, they want someone who lift their mood up.

How do I know this? Well because I just went through a conclusive situation with a Taurus and he told me I seem like I be depressed a lot which is untrue, I am just self conscious.

He helped me though.

In the beginning with him and I, it was cool, maybe because we weren't having sex at the time. I guess I was more opened and aggressive than I was when we started having sex.

I was his "yes" girl and I think he got bored with me. He said it seemed like I had no personality. I do, but it was always problems between us so when I got around him, I would just be introvert.

zodiac signs Taurus

Honestly I guess this is a good thing so that I can move on and meet someone who appreciates me for me.

Taurus men can like you and once they know you like them, they will sit back and wait for you to make a move. They let their pride talk for them which can be very annoying.

When a Taurus may be going through issues, they get very materialistic. I saw this for myself and it gets on my nerves.

You will think a Taurus feels one way when they can feel another way which can tick you off if your patience and tolerance is low.

The thing I liked about my Taurus was:
  • His voice: He talk to sexy and it got me everytime.
  • His skin: Always shiny and glowing making me want to like it.
  • The way he walked and moved around.
  • The way he touched me.
Too bad he won't get the love and grace I gave him before since it wasn't enough. Hmph.

Please state your experience about a Taurus in the comments section.

zodiac signs taurus

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