Friday, February 28, 2014

cancer gemini compatibility

cancer gemini compatibility
The cancer gemini compatibility has a huge chance of winning.
The good thing about the cancer gemini compatibility is that they tend to always end up on cool terms upon first meet. Gemini make Cancer feel comfortable which leads to things to chat about. Cancer will feel like they've known Gemini all their lives which causes them to loosen up and be themselves. Gemini is lighthearted and chatty which leads to humor and a Cancer loves a good laugh. These two can top it off from day one.

Both the Gemini and the Cancer gets into their moods, that's one downfall. If the Cancer is lazy, that will bore the Gemini and the outcome of that varies. Their disputes won't really last long because Gemini has a way of lighting up the mood. A grounded Cancer will know how to deal with the Gemini.

Both the Gemini and Cancer loves to have tv time, both like reality and talk shows so that is another way these two will bond with each other.

Another disputable time between this pair is when the Gemini needs space and ignore the Cancer. Cancer doesn't take any form of rejection well so either they will get a clue and chill out or be moody about that particular Gemini trait.

This will work if communication is a huge factor. Cancer isn't too clingy and Gemini isn't too childish.

cancer gemini compatibility

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