Monday, September 15, 2014

zodiac sign for taurus: Who Taurus Is Better Off With

The best zodiac sign for Taurus is someone who loves to give and receive affection. Someone that can accept the Taurus for who they are. A Cancer is perfect for this because they touch with love and a Taurus loves that. Touching a Taurus the right way will get them aroused and you can be in for a treat.

There are lots of "facts" and articles saying certain signs are good for Taurus. Every sign can be together if they really want to.

The thing about a Taurus is that they want someone feminine who still puts their foot down. They don't really want you to be their doormat and if you do, they will take advantage and not in a good way.

I am a Cancer and ended up as my ex Taurus doormat.

You have to make a Taurus want you by being someone who is uplifting, teaching Taurus things every minute you can.

I am not saying talk their head off, but be a blessing to be around.

This is where a Gemini, Libra, Virgo, or even Aquarius can capture the Taurus since they are unique and intellectual.

zodiac sign for Taurus

Many articles have mentioned that the Taurus likes to stay at home, but this is not 100% true. Taurus signs love to be out and about.

They love food, that fact is true. I know a Taurus I met in Jobcorp and she was in Culinary Arts, now she is working in the food service industry.

All of the Taurus I know love to eat.

That is the main fact that is true and proven. I am walking proof.

The only thing about a Taurus in a relationship is that they will be possessive, but I liked it because I like to know I am the only one he wanted.

Some Taurus's like different things.

zodiac sign for taurus

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