Wednesday, February 26, 2014

pisces most compatible and why

Discussing Pisces most compatible signs and why in this post. Hope you agree or can relate to what's written. Enjoy.

As we all know, Pisces are passionate beings who want to love someone who is loyal and faithful as them. They want you there when they call on you. They give themselves fully to the ones they love which makes them such a great partner in love and sex also. Their emotions are strong and they take it very seriously. They hate to be or feel played. Pisces are clingy types who needs constant attention from their lover. If you are clingy then you and Pisces will get along just fine.

The best sign for Pisces is Cancer because both are clingy lovers who are passionate, devoted and very sexual. They both are daydreamers which can make this relationship creative. Pisces and Cancer both look at sex as an emotional connection with their lover making this compatibility top notch. There is nothing the Cancer and Pisces WON'T do together when it comes to sex. The love is strong and both appreciate the company of one another. Both are emotional so disputes may be a mess if neither is grounded. Communication is what both can have with no problem so this should be a harmonious pair.

Next best sign is Taurus. Though Taurus beings are solid and non-expressive of their feelings, they are very affectionate and that makes up for their lacks. Pisces will appreciate the affection that Taurus can bring to the table. Since Taurus is stubborn, that may throw the Pisces off and make this match a tricky one. If the love is real then it will sore.

Scorpio is another great match for Pisces because these two are both water signs. Both emotional with extreme passion and loyalty. Pisces just needs to know that a Scorpio will take advantage of their passiveness so they need to speak up and stand their ground in disputes. The sex here is mind-blowing since both look at it as an emotional connection. Pisces just need to know that Scorpio is a fixed sign and can be immovable at times but none the less, this pair can take it to the top.

pisces most compatible

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