Saturday, October 11, 2014

libra zodiac sign: Why They Should Be Your Friend

libra zodiac sign

The libra is one of those signs that can think on their toes. To clarify that, I want to say that if a Libra had to comeback with something, they would have it. See, the thing is, I have a Libra friend and we have been friends for over 10 years. We became friends in the 6th grade and been close knit every since. What I can say about her is that she is very talkative and she isn't socially shy. She is a social person and can make conversation with anybody naturally.

I noticed that she will always speak to people who walk by. I am a Cancer and I asked her how I look when I am in public. She told me I look like I don't want anyone to speak to me. So she is a great help because she keeps me grounded and helps me be better at being approachable. I now know what I have to work on. My anxiety is caused by the types of foods I choose so that is where I have to begin.

Anyway, more about the Libras.

The Libra will not let you have the last word. They will put you in your place. You will not be able to come at a Libra and think you're going to walk away. They can argue you down for days and won't miss a bit. They can act right then and there unlike other signs.

Jobs that require arguments and debates will be good for Libras because of that purpose.

The libra zodiac sign Is a natural socialite who will always be able to make conversation with almost anybody. They are conservative most of the time.

The immature Libra would put on a front though, but the mature Libra is fine and civilized.

Libras make you look at things from a logical standpoint. They will make you use sensible decision making skills.

This is a slight post about the libra zodiac sign and I hope you enjoyed it.

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