Monday, February 24, 2014

Zodiac Cancer Facts

These zodiac cancer facts will be appealing to cancers and people who are involved with a Cancer in any way.

  • Cancers will not cheat in a relationship.
  • Cancers won't stick around in a relationship that isn't improving and inspiring.
  • Cancers are great friends and always have a nice outing planned.
  • Mature Cancers keep their emotions in check and handle situations calm and manual.
  • Cancers love a nice, modern look.
  • The home of a Cancer looks and smells delicious.
  • You will never have to worry about being hungry with the Cancer.
  • Cancers will spend money on people they love and won't expect anything in return.
  • Loud people annoy the Cancer.
  • Being rude while the Cancer is on the phone is a good way to piss them off.
These facts may or may not apply to you but they are typical and common. If you enjoyed these facts, please share.

Zodiac Cancer Facts

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