Friday, September 26, 2014

zodiac signs cancer: The Ways Of A Cancer

zodiac signs cancer

Cancers are amazing people, that's something we all can agree on. Cancers can also vary from person to person. You see, it all depends mainly on your moon sign. If you're  a Cancer like me who's moon sign is in like a Pisces, then you're probably emotional and closed off more than you need to be. I am a Cancer with moon sign in Pisces so yeah I'm fucked a little bit. Well, not really because I love me!

Most Cancers are usually very alert and have a wall up, but not all Cancers even act alike so the factors go a long way. I know plenty of Cancers who don't seem typical. Typical meaning, they're not like what a Cancer is suppose to be. Let's talk about the typical Cancer shall we...

The typical Cancer will be a little shy and seem reserved in a crowded place and will probably try to use their phone to avoid an awkward situation when really, they aren't doing anything.

There is certain times where a Cancer will feel hyper than usual. Maybe a Cancer who has themselves together may be a little more opened and social, but a Cancer with insecurities will make their problems obvious. Cancers can be too conscious sometimes and it really can give off a bad vibe for others.

As a Cancer, you want to seem approachable. Most Cancers are approachable, but there are always going to be typical Cancers. They will learn how to be more better with their personalities though.

zodiac signs cancer

As a Cancer myself, something I don't like about myself is how shy I always get sometimes. Like, I am 22 years old, I have no business being shy about anything. I get a little timid sometimes but I think I am much better than I use to be. (pats self on back)

Something else great about us Cancers is that we're so loyal, but some people just don't be ready for us so we have to let some people go. I have a Libra friend and she throws me off sometimes. I think she be rejecting my call. I hope not since we go waaaaay back when. I really don't want to think she be up to that sometimes but she never return my call. She just call when she is ready. Her birthday coming up and I wanted to see if she wanted to get treated out to eat even though that is the least thing I need to even do.

Cancers aren't really home bodies like a lot of posts say. Of course we like privacy and time to ourselves but we love to have fun and be out and about. Some Cancers will change their life outlook and will start acting accordingly. You all have to realize that even though we are Cancers, we been through different things that can affect out character whether it's good or bad.

Something a Cancer can do to always be in a lovely mood is buy beautiful clothes and dress nice, besides, people treat you according to how you dress anyway so dress nice and have fun.

zodiac signs cancer

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