Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Libra Zodiac Sign

The libra zodiac sign is a fixed sign that makes a decision and sticks to it. They are strong-willed people. They can be easily irritated so that will mean they need some alone time for a minute. If they don't get some alone time from irritability then of course they will take it out on you. The good thing about that though is they will realize what they're doing and will apologize.

Since a Libra has a goal or harmony and happiness, they will often feel like they didn't satisfy their loved ones enough and they take this seriously. The Libra is famous for over-reacting and are usually just mad at themselves. They aren't sociable when they're sad so you will know that something is wrong because they love to talk.

I have a Libra bestfriend and she was very talkative from day one. We have great conversations and I even ask her for rational advice when I need it. She helps me see things from a sensible side because I'm a Cancer so I look at things from an emotional side most of the time.

It may annoy you how a Libra goes back and forth on just about every situation so it can leave some people with no choice but to lose faith in them.

Don't every demand anything from a Libra because they will put you in your place while being irritated.

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