Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aquarius Star Sign: Exclusive Info

The aquarius star sign is a very mental sign. They are cool people who love to talk. They will talk about anything like what the latest gadgets are and more. They are very guarded beings and can seems distant sometimes but make very great, fun and weird friends. They love to have fun and will make a dull moment live.

Aquarius can have their bad days too an can be very desparate in some situations. They are very guarded with irritationality. They can be extremely detached to the point their company may not even want to be around them at the time and they won't bulge because that's what they want... To be left alone.

Aquarius people don't think with emotions, they think with common sense. Everything thing they do is full of common sense or common sense is the reason they do the things they do. The funny thing about them is that they get senses of paranoia for no reason which can be amusing to friends.

Another downside of the Aquarius is they can get really jealous. For instance I had an Aquarius friend and we went around my old neighborhood, she seen her friend and I seen my bestfriend, she's a libra. We hugged and was catching up since she hardly comes out a lot and my Aquarius friend got jealous and we had a little dispute because of it.

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aquarius star sign

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