Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leo Sign Characteristics

The leo sign characteristics are always interesting to witness. These types are eager to explore the world and engage in the scenery. They are very outgoing and easy to make friends. They are generally very sweet people and will always lighten up your day with laughter and humor. It's just that they can be stubborn and the hints they throw can really make the wrong person mad because they aren't certain what the Leo wants since they talk in circles. It's also crazy because once the Leo has regrouped, they will wonder why the other person mood is sour.

Leo signs can be huge liars and will always exaggerate and try to twist things around as if they haven't done anything wrong. This can be a huge problem for other zodiac signs who hates liars. They will say anything to kill your confidence so it's best you keep yourself grounded when you clash with this one. Don't let their words tear you down. Keep your ground and show them you are time enough for them. The most terrible thing about Leos is that they DON'T APOLOGIZE! But they do forgive so that's something YOU will have to deal with.

Overall Leos are lighthearted with lots of energy and will gladly rub it off you. They will give their honest opinion which is why they are a good sign to go to about any problems you may have because what they have to say might be just what you need to hear most of the time.

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leo sign characteristics

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