Friday, February 28, 2014

The Aries Man and Sex

It isn't easy to read the Aries man when you first meet them. They are all in the moment so they don't notice certain people at the time. They are basically checking the scene out and seeing which girl they can get up on. They will make you feel like the finest thing in the world. You need to be extremely womanly and "perfect". Most Aries men go after fit woman with toned bodies but they can have a nack for just about any beauty at times.

When you're in the bedroom with Aries, it's like they will worship you. They will please you too. If you have a certain thing they like or are extremely attracted to like a piercing or tattoo, that will turn them on even more. They will tell you what they like and they will expect it from you. It's good to say NO sometimes instead of letting them have all of you in one setting. They love to anticipate. Leave them on the edge of their seats.

They have a lot of energy so if you're going to have sex with an Aries, you need to be able to keep up and they like to try new things in the bedroom too so be up for that as well. Don't be a boring sex buddy. They can be considered bedroom bullies at times. Try to take control sometimes instead of letting the Aries do all the work.

Hope this is enough to give you some ideas about the Aries man. Go for it!

The aries man and sex

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